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        A brief introduction to the SYFLSN

              Founded in 1993, the Second Yuying Foreign Language School of Nanjing is a private school, ranging from Year 1 to Year 9. Located in Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, it covers an area of 81,325 m2, and a construction area of 62,000 m2. Its playground with an area of 20000 m2 connects the primary and secondary school departments. Currently, there are 87 classes with 3167 students and 349 teachers and staff members in the school. It boasts advanced teaching facilities, excellent teaching staff and first-class education quality. Since the school was established, its comprehensive strength has been ranking among the best in Nanjing, enjoying a highest reputation. “There exists an excellent school in Jiangbei, and in Dachang there exists a road called Yuying.” has been a popular word of mouth among local people all the time. It’s also praised by the local government as “the best image of Jiangbei education”.


        Teachers morality, education quality and school security guarantee our strength and popularity.